Roll & Batt Insulation Hamilton

The most common type of insulation that exists today is Roll/Batt insulation, which we offer in the Hamilton area. This type of insulation is typically made out of fiberglass and is a light pink colour.

The word “batt” refers to the size and shape of the insulation, which is a long rectangular cut sheet of insulation. An insulation roll is an uncut piece of insulation. You will have to cut an insulation roll to fit the area you are insulating.

This is the least complicated insulation to install but it is still not recommended to do it your self. You are installing insulation because you want to maintain room temperatures. If you install it your self you risk higher energy bills.

We can give you a free consultation and quote for installing insulation rolls/batts in your Hamilton property.

    Types of Roll & Batt Insulation We Offer

    Information on Insulation Rolls/Batts

    How It Is Installed:

    Insulation rolls and batts are installed manually. There is no unique equipment or machines that you can use to install this type of insulation. It is installed using your hands. We will have to cut certain pieces in ordered to make them fit in unique areas. We can also install a vapour barriers on top of the insulation once it has been secured in place. 

    Where It Can Be Installed:

    The reality is with roll and batt insulation is that it is extremely versatile because it can be cut into many different shapes and sizes to fit into any area that needs insulation. It does not require any intense machinery just the experience and “touch” for correct installation.